February 21, 2024

Nutrients and foods for healthy hair

Do you tend to spend a lot of money on hair products to keep your hair healthy and full of life? Have you considered that diet is a great way to keep your hair healthy instead of focusing on it?

Find out which nutrients you can use to keep your hair healthy and which foods contain these ingredients:

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for the full function of cell membranes. Brittle hair and skin can indicate a lack of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are also found in the natural oils of the hair and scalp. Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in oily fish like salmon. Plant sources include flaxseed and walnuts.


Beta-carotene is a precursor to vitamin A, which aids in the production of sebum, the oily substance that keeps the scalp and hair moisturized and soft. In addition, vitamin A is necessary for cell growth, including hair cells. Taking vitamin A as a supplement is not recommended because high doses can be toxic. Instead, focus on foods rich in beta-carotene, like carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash.


Biotin helps ensure the proper metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that we ingest from food. Biotin is a nutrient that is often recommended for healthy hair and you may have seen or heard of it in shampoo commercials. Biotin is produced by gut bacteria and is also found in many of the common foods we eat, such as almonds, eggs, lentils and raspberries.


Zinc is an important nutrient for healthy hair and helps prevent hair loss. Fortunately, zinc is found in large amounts in protein-rich foods like poultry and eggs. Another particularly rich source of zinc are oysters.


Iron is part of the hemoglobin molecule that carries oxygen to all parts of the body, including the hair and scalp. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia (iron deficiency anemia is one of the most common forms of anemia) and one of the symptoms can be hair loss.

vitamin C

Vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron from food. It is also necessary for the formation of collagen, an important component of connective tissue. Healthy connective tissue is a crucial factor for healthy hair as it includes both the scalp tissue and the blood vessels that feed the hair follicles. All the more reason to include foods like oranges, berries, or a bowl of steaming tomato soup in our diet.

Diploma: Reading the list above, it becomes clear that the basics of good nutrition benefit all parts of the body, including the hair. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see an improvement in your hair straight away, any diet changes you make now will only affect the growth of new hair, not the hair you already have. Depending on how fast your hair grows, this can take anywhere from a few months to a year.