February 21, 2024

Cat alone at home: Is it safe?

We all know that cats are more self-sufficient than dogs. It is enough if they have food, a bowl or two of water and a clean bed for us to spend two days out of town.

However, before you “escape” to unknown and dreamy places, even if they are not that far away, it is a good idea to read the following information.

Do you think it’s really safe to leave a cat home alone for a day or two?

Anyone who shares a home with cats knows how curious they are and how much that curiosity can get them into trouble and danger from which they may not be able to escape without help.

There are unforeseen circumstances that may delay your return. A flight delay if you’ve traveled by plane, bad weather preventing shipping traffic if you’re on an island, and even traffic jams if you’ve traveled by car.

It is well known that cats sleep for many hours and in your absence they will certainly sleep more, but that does not mean that they are not awake enough. And cats may be lonely animals, but they’re just as sure to look for you when you’re away from home for several hours or days.

In this quest, they may run into trouble. They are known for being springy, and while they have a reputation for being very good at jumping, there is always a chance that they will fall and hit or pick up objects as they fall. They may still find and chew electrical wires for amusement, and they not only put themselves at risk of electrocution, but can even start a house fire.

Cats are extremely adept at opening boxes and cupboards, but they can get caught in them and risk choking.

Or they find things in them that become dangerous to them if they eat them.

Their water bowl can be knocked over and they will run out of water. The voltage drop can cause electrical equipment to malfunction and endanger the cat.

Even if the cat suddenly becomes ill or injured, there is no one at home who can take it to the vet quickly.

At the same time, cats should eat both solid and dry food. If you miss more than a day and leave them more kibble, there is a risk they will eat it all up and run out for the next few days. They may also be upset at not seeing you, contrary to myths that claim cats have better time alone, get depressed, and don’t eat at all.

Cats that don’t eat enough or stop eating altogether because you’re away or have run out of food rely on their fat stores for energy when they don’t have enough protein or when their body’s protein stores are depleted. This can lead to a dangerous liver condition called hepatic steatosis and lead to liver failure. A regular feeding schedule for your cat will prevent this possibility.

Of course, one would argue that some of the above cases are extremely extreme, others could occur even when you’re in town and only a few hours away from home, ie at work. The difference is that it only lasts for a few hours and not days. If you’re not at work, your cat will most likely just fall asleep until you get back.

Therefore, it’s good for the safety of the cat (and your home too, which is more at risk because of its mischief than if you had left a dog alone) not to leave it completely alone if you plan to be away for more than a day. Leave the key with a friend, neighbor or relative who can walk around your house and check that everything is in order. Otherwise, you should consider leaving your cat in one of the boarding kennels for the days of your absence, where it will be safe until your return (be prepared of course for… faces when you make contact again, because above all the cat won’t forgive you anytime soon). the fact that you “let them down” on others).

If none of the above measures are possible, make sure that while you are away, your cat only has access to secure rooms that are free of wires, easy-to-open cabinets, or hazardous substances.

Source: www.mpouzou.gr